Rug Busters: The first rug pull detector.

We’ve been victims too.

Rug Busters
4 min readApr 2, 2021


XNS, SushiSwap, Smoke Finance, Kirby Finance, etcc — We are always hungry for more, fearing to miss out the next big opportunity, shaking when we see traction or when we’re close to a to-be-released ambitious coin.

We want to believe.

Some of us got in early in Safemoon or other very successful DeFi tokens. We wished we got in even earlier than we did so we’re always on the lookout for new tokens freshly created. We listen to the team, hear their dreams, believe in their 100x target goals and we go in.

We Share Your Pain.

Disappointments after disappointments, we soon open our eyes and realize 90% of the per-say projects are scams, liquidity rug pull, marketing fund rug pull, dust back to dust.

We asked ourselves why we threw our brains in the trashcan every time there was a “new Safemoon” and understood that many did the same, acknowledging the many others that invested significant amounts in these scams.

We decided — enough is enough.

Don’t let the amygdala be in charge when making decisions. Let’s make sound decisions.

A journey of studies day and night started. A journey where we met other people with the same experiences and disappointments, the same ambition:

Safer and more profitable investments.


To understand a token, the first step is to understand its tokenomics, the amount of locked liquidity, the marketing/dev/founder wallets size (because then they can dump hard on you and run with your money).

Then, you need to have a clear picture on how to evaluate early coins, a holistic picture that doesn’t only take tokenomics into consideration.

You need to consider:

  • soft values as founding team and background
  • Traction: search volumes on Google, social media presence & interactions, telegram group growth, etc..
  • True market value: does the token bring any real value to the market or is it just another ponzi scheme
  • Transparency: does the team provide a wealth of information regarding the project…do they actively respond to questions…or do you have to pull teeth for it?

But just because a new token or coin wasn’t a rug pull doesn’t mean that it was a good investment. We looked at all the successful de-fi projects to find the relevant correlations.

We at Rug Busters have become experts when it comes to auditing promising coins and tokens, but will in the future expand to also analyze larger more established tokens.

Our ambition is to grow until we are a force to be reckoned with.

A safe, fair and beneficial crypto space where rug pullers fail where gems are shining.

Since the beginning, we’ve had heavy traction. More and more people are joining us on telegram wanting us to evaluate more and more coins and tokens. And it just keeps on getting bigger.

We realized that there was a massive demand for what we were doing, and that it would be hard for us to meet this demand if it wasn’t possible for us to do this full time, and also employ more analysts.


To enable this, we got a great idea. Why don’t we do our own token? Since we have spent so much time analyzing tokens to be able to understand what makes them successful, we know exactly what needs to be done to make it successful regarding tokenomics, marketing, community, organization etc — and above all that — we can provide real value.

A value that has shown to be hugely demanded — the value of helping people to be successful with their investments within the crypto space.

To avoid the rags and find the gems.

As a holder of the $RUGBUST token, you will be provided with precisely this. We will audit new and existing tokens from all perspectives; tokenomics, interview the founding team, analyze the strength of marketing and community, organization, TA — everything you need to know to be able to do sound investments and succeed within this space.


Our tokenomics are simple.

All those memecoins without real value and their burn and redistribution tokenomics, we despise them. Useless mechanics only to attract people.

Our token add real value to the community.

For our first 300 holders there will be NFTs (Spartan diamond helmet) that will grant them access to the diamond club, where they will unlock exclusive audits results.

Other holders can buy our audit results with $RUGBUST tokens.

Later this year $RUGBUST will also grant holders access to a launchpad and an incubator, where they will have prior access to other tokens’ presales.


Tokens and coins that pass our audit will get a certification from us which they can show on their website — which helps those coins and tokens to grow and also gives us branding exposure — which helps us to reach new heights.

Do you want to avoid the rags, find the gems and succeed together — and get rid of all the dishonest people who soil this space?

Then buy $RUGBUST and join our cause.

Brothers and sisters — TO ARMS!!!