Rug Busters presents our next IDO: Ol’ Musky

Rug Busters
1 min readJun 7, 2021



Rug Busters Presents:

🌱🌿Ol‘ Musky Token🌿🌱

Brought to you by Critical Roll

Forget the next best ‘meme’ coin where everybody is fed illusions of what their asset could represent in future days. We came to clean up and let you remember the good ol’ values where true dedication and wits brings you guaranteed yield… in BNB!

Want to get PAID BNB for Introducing friends to our community?
Want to get PAID BNB for promoting YOUR farm?

Good Ol’ Musky has your back! Farm the lands and get paid for your labour!

Whitepaper — make sure you read the introduction!

Q&A in the Rug Busters Academy

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 2% redistribution to all holders
⚫️ 2% removed from existence (Prescribed BURN for the health of the fields)
🏢 2% convert to BNB and added to Marketing
🏆 2% convert to BNB and added to Community Wallet

💎 Liquidity Locked By DxSale
💎 No mint function
💎 Doxxed Team
💎 Audited by Rug Busters

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