Rug Busters: On the move !

Rug Busters
3 min readMay 13, 2021


Hello fellow Rug Busters,

It has been a while since we posted last and many things have happened.

What started out as a community TG channel, where we tried to educate people to avoid being rugged, evolved into a movement and has led to the launch of our own token (RUGBUST).

The first thing we did was launch Ruggy our Rug Busting bot. Ruggy resides in it’s own TG channel ( where it helps hundreds of people a day to avoid being scammed. When we upgrade Ruggy to V2.0 he will not only give raw data, but interpret it, making him even easier to use.

However, we are not stopping there. Where will we go from here?

Take a look at our roadmap: The road to $5

We are listed on CoinGecko ( and have applied for a listing at CoinMarketCap, which will give us more visibility and get more people to join the community, which strives to protect people from losing money.

As mentioned above, we are developing Ruggy V2.0 He will be moved over to our website, where we will have a database with contracts that have already been analysed by Ruggy, so he doesn’t have to go through the motions of looking at another version of the same Dog Meme Coin over and over again.

Next up will be the establishment of an Academy.

Knowledge is power and power equates to money! We want all of our members to be able to make the best informed decision when a new token launches. To be able to see the difference between a possible Rug Pull and the next 100X project.

We will provide valuable resources on the website and here on Medium. Hold AMAs on TG and Discord and make sure there are people available to answer questions (please bear in mind, we do need to sleep!).

What else can we do to help crypto degens stay safe?

A SAFE Launchpad!

Projects where the owners are Doxxed by Rug Busters and the token is audited by Rug Busters, to minimise the chances of a rug Pull. Projects that will be pre-sold to our RUGBUST holders. Projects that will receive support after listing, so the owners/developers can get on with what they are good at: building their product. Project that will become part of the Rug Busters ecosystem.

There is so much to say and so much to do. We won’t stop making the Crypto Space a Safer Space.