Rug Busters on PCS V1: Why and is it safe? (spoiler: Yes it is!)

Rug Busters
2 min readMay 16, 2021


There has been a lot of confusion in our TG Chat ( on where to buy and sell our RUGBUST token. Simple answer: PanCakeSwap V1.0

PCS V2.0 went live earlier this month and they have slowly been moving Tokens over to their new platform. Rug Busters was launched before PCS V2.0 went live and as our liquidity is locked by DX until 4th July, 2021 in V1.0, our liquidity can’t be moved.

This wouldn’t be a cause of confusion were it not for the fact that:

  1. Somehow there is a sliver of liquidity on V2.0 for RUGBUST, making holders wonder where the liquidity has gone? The liquidity is still there, on V1.0 and is safely locked. We think PCS created a liquidity pool for all of their tokens on V2.0 regardless if they could be moved or not.
  2. When you try to use V1.0 a double warning comes up.
    - Stating that V1.0 is no longer supported. This is true, but it means it won’t be developed any further. It does NOT mean that it doesn’t work for tokens still on V1.0.
    - It also says Liquidity might be less on V1.0 than on V2.0; Again, this is correct, correct for tokens with liquidity on V2.0, but as our liquidity is on V1.0, this doesn’t relate to us.

Once our liquidity is unlocked, early July, we will move it to V2.0 and lock it again.

As a recap: RUGBUST is on PCS V1.0, it is safe to use with <1% slippage and we will inform you in time when our liquidity will be moved.

Wishing all of our community member a safe week ahead!