Rug Busters Presents:

🌱🌿Ol‘ Musky Token🌿🌱

Brought to you by Critical Roll

Forget the next best ‘meme’ coin where everybody is fed illusions of what their asset could represent in future days. …

Hello fellow Rug Busters,

We are glad to announce that the Rug Busters Academy is live as of today!

We have classes on the following subjects:

  • Safety
  • Tokenomics
  • Finance
  • How to
  • Rug Busters Picks

Take a look and tell us what you think. We will be adding new material on a continuous basis. If there are any subjects you would like to see us cover, let us know in our Telegram and Professor Ruggy will teach you a Master Class!

Wishing all of our community members a safe week ahead !

There has been a lot of confusion in our TG Chat (https://t.me/Rug_Busters) on where to buy and sell our RUGBUST token. Simple answer: PanCakeSwap V1.0

PCS V2.0 went live earlier this month and they have slowly been moving Tokens over to their new platform. Rug Busters was launched before PCS…

Hello fellow Rug Busters,

It has been a while since we posted last and many things have happened.

What started out as a community TG channel, where we tried to educate people to avoid being rugged, evolved into a movement and has led to the launch of our own token…

We’ve been victims too.

XNS, SushiSwap, Smoke Finance, Kirby Finance, etcc — We are always hungry for more, fearing to miss out the next big opportunity, shaking when we see traction or when we’re close to a to-be-released ambitious coin.

We want to believe.

Some of us got in early in Safemoon or other very successful DeFi tokens…

Rug Busters

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